Redirecting My Focus

I have always loved cooking however, my baking skills was not something I could brag about.  I could only bake things from a box.  And, sometimes I do turn to the box recipes because there are a few things, like Ghirardelli Brownies, that are so good from the box and so easy that it’s almost not worth the effort to make them from scratch.  However, my tenacity and will to be “a good” from scratch baker has been very rewarding.

It was always very frustrating when I put in a lot of time and effort into making a dessert for it to just end up in the trash and my family questioning why I even tried.  Actually, I’ve never had a very strong sweet tooth.  My husband on the other hand loves dessert.  Because of him, I have grown to like dessert better and his love for dessert gave me the inspiration to keep trying.

Once I learned the basics, I’ve discovered that it’s actually not that complicated.  First, read and re-read the recipe.  Make sure you have the exact ingredients and the basic tools or whatever tools and pans the recipe calls for.  Measure out your ingredients and make sure you didn’t leave anything out (I once forgot to add the sugar to a cake…that’s a big problem in a dessert). Then, follow the recipe exactly how it’s written.  Also, learn a few rules that are important to anything you bake, for example: do not over mix anything that has flour, baking temperature matters, atmospheric temperature and altitude also make a difference in whatever you’re baking.  And, when in doubt…Google!

When I was younger, Google was not a thing.  Now, however, it’s so easy to find conversions, adjustments, and ways to tweak on the internet; it’s a very useful resource, but do not settle for the first results on your query…research a little.  If you find similar answers on a variety of sites, then it’s probably accurate.

So, that being said…I’ve decided to redirect my focus on this blog to sweets on the slab…with the occasional savory.  Hope you enjoy my desserts and remember, in life moderation is the key to success in everything from politics to portion size! Don’t over indulge but do enjoy!

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